Give this Valentine’s Day and “Share the Love!” of Reading

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“Share the Love!” of Reading

Express your love this Valentine’s Day by giving a child the gift of reading in your sweetheart’s name!

Most people hold dear memories of their parents reading a favorite book to them. Raising A Reader rotates beautiful, multicultural books into the homes of limited-income families, making it possible for parents to share books with their children every day.

Studies show that regular, interactive book-sharing fosters healthy brain development, parent-child bonding, and the early literacy skills that are essential for school success. Raising A Reader aims to close the achievement gap one child at a time through the simple, yet imperative, tradition of cuddling up with a good book.

On Valentine’s Day, your loved one will receive a touching e-card, letting her or him know about your thoughtful gift. In addition, we’ll individualize each book you’ve gifted with a lovely bookplate that will carry your Valentine’s name, and it will be included it in the Raising A Reader book rotation, where it can inspire countless families to share the joy of reading!

Gift choices:

  • $16 one children’s book
  • $32 two children’s books
  • $60 one red bag with four books
  • $100 sponsor a reader (provides red bag and training for the child’s teacher and parents)
  • $1,000 sponsor books and reading programs for a playgroup for infants and toddlers
  • $2,500 sponsor books and reading program for a classroom for preschoolers

To make a gift, please go to to select your gift choice and personalize your card.

Happy Valentine’s Day!